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Matt DeFour, Journalist, Ireland
Organised religion, corporate ambition and modern philosophy could not offer the answers I found this meditation weekend.
Laura L., Ireland
The DRU meditation weekend I attended in Ireland is honestly the beginning of the rest of my life I only wish I had discovered Dru sooner! Thank you.
Andre, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Zurich, Switzerland
Studying yoga and meditation with Chris Barrington and Anita Goswami has enriched my life in ways I find hard to express. Their experience, encouragement, love and compassionate guidance have helped me to tap into the magic of yoga's promise. I consider myself lucky and privileged to have access to people of this calibre and I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone to study with them and their fellow teachers.
Karen O., Management Trainer, NL
Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I thank God for it daily, my life would not be the same without you.
You have given me a way to find my purpose in life. I have become a nicer, softer, more loving person.
Meditation has given me a way to centre my life and get a perspective on all that’s happening around. Thank you so much for that as that was my result of my first Pathfinders, three years ago now.
Thank you very much for coming to the Netherlands often and giving talks and workshops, my parents even came to see what it was as they were seeing it was doing me good.
I love you dearly, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Darquise, Yoga Teacher, Vancouver, Canada
I come so far because I know this is the only place where I can find the depth of teaching that I’m looking for. I did other forms of meditation for years and it was so difficult to do, although it was beneficial at the time. But with Dru Meditation, you don’t need to suffer! You do movement and relaxation first so you can enter a deeper, blissful state, so much more easily than I did before. Dru meditation is so practical – it gives me ways to bring stillness into everything I do. Taking time to meditate daily enables me to put everything into perspective and helps me to cope with my busy life as a mum and school teacher.
Maggie B., former restaurant manager, London

It was an inspiring introduction to meditation which was suitable for beginners and also those who have been practising meditation already.

Lisa M., Ireland

The weekend has inspired me to keep going on my journey through life and has filled me with positivity and purpose.


How you can take Dru home: Further reading, viewing and listening

Dru Yoga – Stillness in Motion – the definitive Dru Yoga book by Chris Barrington, Anita Goswami, Annie Jones, foreword by Mansukh Patel. It’s modern presentation with crystal clear descriptions, photos and diagrammes gives you body-mind yoga at its best, with chapters giving potent techniques for: easing back pain, building confidence, overcoming depression, gaining fitness, building vitality, meditation, relaxation, pranayama and so much more. More than 30 bonus 10-minute techniques for todays busy lifestyle.
Your Personal Peace Formula by Mansukh Patel
SOS Caring for Your Soul by Mansukh Patel
Turning Point by Mansukh Patel and Anita Goswami
Awakening Soulforce by Mansukh Patel
Flame that Transforms by Mansukh Patel, Andrew Wells and Savitri MacCuish
Imagine World Peace by Mansukh Patel
Face to Face with Life by John Jones and Mansukh Patel
Believe in Yourself by Mansukh Patel
Secret Power of Light by Mansukh Patel
Crisis and the Miracle of Love by Mansukh Patel and Helena Waters

For those who prefer to watch TV,
Try the new Dru Yoga DVD, with Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford – 2hrs 30mins with 9 Dru Yoga programmes to suit every stage of the day, every level of experience.
Or the Body Heart Mind Video by Mansukh Patel and Paulette Agnew £12.95 contains a daily programme and many beautiful Dru Yoga sequences filmed in Kenya.
Bhagavad Gita DVD series, presented by Mansukh Patel
Living and Dying video by Mansukh Patel
Mansukh Patel in Dialogue with Young People (video)
Mansukh Patel on Relationships

If you prefer CD, highly recommended introductions to the power of Dru Yoga are:
Easing Back Pain by Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford.
Quiet Times by Chris Barrington
Chakra Dharanam Series by Chris Barrington

Head and Heart Self Development and Meditation Course

For information on these and other Dru products, please contact your regional Dru centre.



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