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Kate, 23, NSW, Australia

After a programme like this I usually feel pretty flat when I leave but I have felt so good – I think I have an inner strength and security that I have never had before. Thank you for that wonderful gift.

Kristina, 19, Botswana

I’ve changed. I now know how to be and do everything I’ve always wanted to do and it’s really quite easy. How to be in touch with myself and nature and to bring peace to this world – you know it all. I’ve had a really, really good time – there are no words to say how I feel.

S.D., 20, London, UK
When I discovered Dru Yoga, I found that I could free my body from tension and pain to a degree that I could not have imagined was possible. I realised I could free myself from painful emotions and give that freedom to other people.
Angus M., Dru Yoga Teacher, Scotland
Last year I approached the local primary school to see if they would be interested in offering Yoga to the children. A taster session was arranged for the three top classes of P6 & P7 to see if the kids wanted to either do it as an official class, a sports afternoon option or not at all. The response was a unanimous vote for a weekly official class.

I combined postures into sequences around a story making it an adventure. I used postures, sequences and games to help change their moods. Then we would end with a relaxation consisting of simple breathing exercises and using their imagination to help them feel better about themselves and their world.

It was such a joy to teach them… and as I soon discovered …to be taught by them. The children were so easy to work with, there was no adult reserve just a desire to have fun and learn something new. They were very well behaved, learnt quickly and made great progress. Their total playful immersion in whatever we did meant they experienced the benefits of Dru Yoga at a level that usually takes adults months or years to get to.

The biggest lesson for me was that deep down our deepest desire is to feel safe, have fun and be happy (to feel good) and it was very easy to connect with this in the kids and let the Yoga nourish it.

It was a pleasure and an honour to work with them, so I was delighted when they asked for more Yoga next year and that another Primary School in the area has also asked for it as a result of the Head Teacher’s recommendation.

Responses from the school and its children:

Please find a few words re our experience last year. The children's response was fantastic and their evaluations demonstrate very effectively the benefits they felt:

When you had a bad thing on your mind it helped you get over it. (Jimmy)

It made you feel less tense and cranky. (Stuart)

It made me feel relaxed and I thought it was fun. (Dale)

It made me feel like I was having fun. (Emma)

It made everything in the room seem peaceful and calm. (James C)

The games made you active and ready for anything. (Callum McH)

It made me feel like I was in my own world. (Louise)

It makes your body feel calm and soothed. (Gemma)

When something bad happened then it was good because you got it out of your mind. (Rebecca)

It made all your bad thoughts and worries disappear and everything was happy and jolly. (Beth)

It made me feel like I was in a different place. (Rachel)

It made me feel like my muscles are relaxed and if something is troubling you forgot about it. (Kirsty)


How you can take Dru home: Further reading, viewing and listening

Dru Yoga – Stillness in Motion – the definitive Dru Yoga book by Chris Barrington, Anita Goswami, Annie Jones, foreword by Mansukh Patel. It’s modern presentation with crystal clear descriptions, photos and diagrammes gives you body-mind yoga at its best, with chapters giving potent techniques for: easing back pain, building confidence, overcoming depression, gaining fitness, building vitality, meditation, relaxation, pranayama and so much more. More than 30 bonus 10-minute techniques for todays busy lifestyle.
Turning Point by Mansukh Patel and Anita Goswami
Awakening Soulforce by Mansukh Patel
Flame that Transforms by Mansukh Patel and Savitri MacCuishatel
Believe in Yourself by Mansukh Patel
Secret Power of Light by Mansukh Patel
Crisis and the Miracle of Love by Mansukh Patel

For those who prefer to watch TV,
Try the new Dru Yoga DVD, with Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford – 2hrs 30mins with 9 Dru Yoga programmes to suit every stage of the day, every level of experience.
Or the Body Heart Mind Video by Mansukh Patel and Paulette Agnew £12.95 contains a daily programme and many beautiful Dru Yoga sequences filmed in Kenya.
Bhagavad Gita DVD series, presented by Mansukh Patel
Living and Dying video by Mansukh Patel
Mansukh Patel in Dialogue with Young People (video)
Mansukh Patel on Relationships

If you prefer CD, highly recommended introductions to the power of Dru Yoga are:
Easing Back Pain by Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford.
Health and Harmony - Energy Block Release 1 – Padma McIntyre
Total Health - Energy Block Release 2 – Louise Rowan
Awakening the Heart - Energy Block Release 3 – Anita Goswami
Energy and Flow - Energy Block Release 4 – Susan Kulas
Clarity and Creativity – Energy Block Release 5 – Lalita Doerstel
Energy Block Release 6 – Ruth Boaler

For information on these and other Dru products, please contact your regional Dru centre.



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