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Dr C. Patel, originally from Moldhara Village, after the second free Medical Camp organised by Life Foundation India, Jan 06.

My colleagues (other doctors and nurses) were so impressed that people had come from thousands of miles away to help the people of my village we just had to be involved. Camps like these are usually very chaotic but all my colleagues noticed that this one was really well organised. We were touched that you came and respected the traditions of our country, as people here are losing their love for their culture.

Since coming back from your centre, at least five times a day, my colleagues have said to me arrange as many free clinics as you want and we will come and help.

Thank you for coming from so far to help the people of my village.

Welsh Romanian Aid, after Life Foundation shoe collection for Moldova, 1996-7

Dear Everyone,

We were so delighted with the marvellous shoe collection you did for us.
You will be pleased to know every shoe has now gone to Moldova last weekend, and I will bring back some photo’s after distribuion. We plan to go to several orphanages, to give the children your shoes and also Easter Eggs that school children round here have collected for us…

Your food last year and your shoes this year have and will make such a difference to the hungry and often shoeless children of Moldova.

Again, our great thanks, Love Val and Bill

Grahame and Val P., Midlands, UK

Looking at the history of the Life Foundation it makes us proud to be just a part of it. We shall never stop learning from you all and taking your values into our hearts...
'Friends are like stars - you cannot always see them, but you always know they are there.'

UN Protection Officer, Bangladesh
I liked the holistic approach, and the very strong core linking the human with the scientific aspect of our sessions.
NGO Child Psychologist, North Caucasus
These techniques help me very much in my work with (traumatised) children. The kids relax, and all the negative emotions go away.
UNHCR Lawyer, Bangladesh
I liked (the workshop) very much. It’s the firest time I’ve received this kind of information – what kind of effects physical exercises have on emotions and the mind. I find these stress releasing exercises very useful.
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