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C.N., Child Psychologist, NSW, Australia
Dru Yoga has made a profound difference to the quality of my life.
I work as a Psychologist in a school setting and what caught my attention was that wonderful book: "The Dance between Joy and Pain" by Rita Goswamia & Mansukh Patel.
It contains practical ideas of what to do for each emotion, and I immediately began to apply the techniques to clients and myself, of course. Learning the Energy Block Releases was a pure joy - a practice that I really wanted to do as I saw the benefits in my inner energy - the difference I felt after I had done them compared to the feelings of being over stressed and lacking in energy that I had felt previously.
So, I had to do the Dru Yoga Teacher training !!! Which was fabulous !!! I now have such a lot of tools to use - for myself and to show others for transforming emotional "issues".
I can change my energy easily now and my life is joyful.
E.P., Yoga Teacher, Qld, Australia
What immediately springs to mind is that following the teaching & continuing daily practice of the Vitality Sequence - almost 2 weeks ago, I have experienced a sustained level of proactive energy, - greater than I can remember for some years. I'm not game to stop it unless I lose it!
I've studied it in the beautiful new DRU YOGA book, Stillness in Motion.
Thank you again.

Ankh Hermes Publishers, NL

Mansukh Patel is very truthful and inspired, always speaks very much to the heart of people and his wisdom is great… his books are a great help and inspiration to many people. Therefore there is no hesitation whatsoever to write this letter of recommendation for The Dance Between Joy and Pain or for any other work of Mansukh Patel and the Life Foundation.

H.E., West Midlands, UK
I am a physiotherapist and a busy mother of two who finds very little time to relax. I do not think I was a cynic of the power of meditation and simple relxation - just ignorant of how to achieve it (or too busy!)
After having read Dru Yoga - Stillness in Motion, and trying it, I found a place where I was totally relaxed, calm and time meant nothing. I found myself at peace and able to appreciate what relaxation means. Brilliant!" H.E. West Midlands
L.W, Richmond, UK
Dear Mansukh,
Kim loaned me a copy of your book ‘Face to Face with Life’, which I have just finished reading, and I thought I would just drop you a line to say how much I have enjoyed it. The best way to describe it is inspirational, so much so, that I have bought a copy for myself, so that I can turn to it when I need a bit of a pick me up.
Y.K., UK

Thank you for sending us ‘The Dance between Joy and Pain’. Such a lot of wisdom in those pages and I’ve not read it all yet. It has never been on the shelf. I Refer to it constantly and am nourished.

Pat S., West Midlands, UK

I've used the Quiet Times CD, by Chris Barrington in my yoga classes and regularly for my own relaxation and meditation.
For the past year, while waiting for an operation I've slept very badly - many wakeful hours. Then I found the solution!
I put the CD on while trying to sleep. I know that I should be 'sitting' with my spine straight up, but at 2 o'clock in the morning I manage it lying down. I stick my ear plugs in, switch on my player, and I'm in heaven.
One night I'll play the relaxation, the next the meditation.
It was particularly effective whilst I was in hospital. Prior to my operation, a nurse remarked how calm I seemed - and I was!

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How you can take Dru Yoga home: Further reading, viewing and listening

Dru Yoga – Stillness in Motion – the definitive Dru Yoga book by Chris Barrington, Anita Goswami, Annie Jones, foreword by Mansukh Patel. It’s modern presentation with crystal clear descriptions, photos and diagrammes gives you body-mind yoga at its best, with chapters giving potent techniques for: easing back pain, building confidence, overcoming depression, gaining fitness, building vitality, meditation, relaxation, pranayama and so much more. More than 30 bonus 10-minute techniques for todays busy lifestyle.
Turning Point by Mansukh Patel and Anita Goswami
Awakening Soulforce by Mansukh Patel
Flame that Transforms by Mansukh Patel and Savitri MacCuishatel
Believe in Yourself by Mansukh Patel
Secret Power of Light by Mansukh Patel
Crisis and the Miracle of Love by Mansukh Patel

For those who prefer to watch TV,
Try the new Dru Yoga DVD, with Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford – 2hrs 30mins with 9 Dru Yoga programmes to suit every stage of the day, every level of experience.
Or the Body Heart Mind Video by Mansukh Patel and Paulette Agnew £12.95 contains a daily programme and many beautiful Dru Yoga sequences filmed in Kenya.
Bhagavad Gita DVD series, presented by Mansukh Patel
Living and Dying video by Mansukh Patel
Mansukh Patel in Dialogue with Young People (video)
Mansukh Patel on Relationships

If you prefer CD, highly recommended introductions to the power of Dru Yoga are:
Easing Back Pain by Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford.
Health and Harmony - Energy Block Release 1 – Padma McIntyre
Total Health - Energy Block Release 2 – Louise Rowan
Awakening the Heart - Energy Block Release 3 – Anita Goswami
Energy and Flow - Energy Block Release 4 – Susan Kulas
Clarity and Creativity – Energy Block Release 5 – Lalita Doerstel
Energy Block Release 6 – Ruth Boaler

For information on these and other Dru products, please contact your regional Dru centre.



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