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Emotional Spring Clean! - 14-4-06

Dear friends,

Easter greetings from all of us at the Life Foundation. We hope that this time of renewal and inspiration will bring joy and hope to you and your family. It’s a beautiful time of year here at Snowdon Lodge, with the daffodils nodding in the breeze and the lambs appearing in the fields. I love taking a few days in the spring to stop and reflect on how my life is going and what I need to work on. It’s like an internal spring clean! Out go the old emotional patterns, the unsuccessful ways of living my life. And that all makes way for fresh ideas, inspiration and goals for the rest of the year!

If you need help to balance those negative emotions which tend to take us all over from time to time, I have found that Energy Block Release (EBR) sequences, which are unique to Dru Yoga, quickly transform emotional energy in the body. Gentle flowing movements are used to unlock emotional trauma without us having to relive the past. One of the key principals in Dru Yoga is that the body and the emotions are linked. Leading molecular biologists, among them Dr Candice Pert, now agree that chemicals in the body - messenger molecules called peptides – correspond with emotional states. This scientific theory explains how Dru enables people to directly affect their emotions by working on their bodies.

My colleague and International Dru Yoga teacher Annie Jones says that Dru Yoga gives people tools so they can take charge of their emotional states.“Dru yoga helps people to recognize the tell-tale physical indicators of emotions. Then, they learn how to choose an appropriate movement or breathing sequence to convert the energy of that painful emotion into a more positive state of being”, she said. For example frustration and anger can be transformed into creativity with the rotated triangle posture. Grief can be transformed into acceptance with the camel posture or the Dru Salute to the Four Directions sequence.

A recent survey of over 400 Dru Yoga practitioners in the UK and abroad found many individuals are having great success in stabilising their emotional lives.
Over 90% of participants noticed that they had a greater ability to handle their emotions and to transform their negative thinking. About 84% experienced a positive shift in their mood after practicing Dru Yoga and 73% were better able to deal with conflict.

Remedial masseuse Lloyd Curtis says “I used to stew on little things that annoyed me and gradually they built up inside but now I am a much calmer and peaceful person and little things don’t worry me anymore.”

You can gain a wide variety of programmes for healing emotional programmes from the new Dru Yoga Book, ‘Stillness in Motion’ by Chris Barrington, Anita Goswami and Annie Jones.

If you would like any more information on Dru Yoga or our courses to balance emotions please visit www.druyoga.com.
Happy Easter!

Jane Saraswati Clapham
Office Manager



How you can take Dru home: Further reading, viewing and listening

Dru Yoga – Stillness in Motion – the definitive Dru Yoga book by Chris Barrington, Anita Goswami, Annie Jones, foreword by Mansukh Patel. It’s modern presentation with crystal clear descriptions, photos and diagrammes gives you body-mind yoga at its best, with chapters giving potent techniques for: easing back pain, building confidence, overcoming depression, gaining fitness, building vitality, meditation, relaxation, pranayama and so much more. More than 30 bonus 10-minute techniques for todays busy lifestyle.
The Dance Between Joy and Pain, by Mansukh Patel and Rita Goswami (RGN), £6.50 is a handbook filled with techniques to transform emotions such as fear and anger into courage and creativity. It also contains Dru Yoga sequences and hand gestures.
Yoga in a Nutshell by Annie Jones £4.99, is suitable to the beginner wishing to explore yoga for the first time.
Your Personal Peace Formula by Mansukh Patel
SOS Caring for Your Soul by Mansukh Patel
Turning Point by Mansukh Patel and Anita Goswami
Awakening Soulforce by Mansukh Patel
Flame that Transforms by Mansukh Patel and Savitri MacCuish
Imagine World Peace by Mansukh Patel
Face to Face with Life by John Jones and Mansukh Patel
Believe in Yourself by Mansukh Patel
Secret Power of Light by Mansukh Patel
Crisis and the Miracle of Love by Mansukh Patel

For those who prefer to watch TV,
Try the new Dru Yoga DVD, with Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford – 2hrs 30mins with 9 Dru Yoga programmes to suit every stage of the day, every level of experience.
Or the Body Heart Mind Video by Mansukh Patel and Paulette Agnew £12.95 contains a daily programme and many beautiful Dru Yoga sequences filmed in Kenya.
Bhagavad Gita DVD series, presented by Mansukh Patel
Living and Dying video by Mansukh Patel
Mansukh Patel in Dialogue with Young People (video)
Mansukh Patel on Relationships

If you prefer CD, highly recommended introductions to the power of Dru Yoga are:
Easing Back Pain by Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford.
Health and Harmony - Energy Block Release 1 – Padma McIntyre
Total Health - Energy Block Release 2 – Louise Rowan
Awakening the Heart - Energy Block Release 3 – Anita Goswami
Energy and Flow - Energy Block Release 4 – Susan Kulas
Clarity and Creativity – Energy Block Release 5 – Lalita Doerstel
Energy Block Release 6 – Ruth Boaler

For information on these and other Dru products, please contact your regional Dru centre.



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