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Quotes about the World Peace Flame and the power of light

From 'The Flame that Transforms',
by Savitri MacCuish, Mansukh Patel & Andrew Wells

From the Epilogue - The World Peace Flame and You

The World Peace Flame, above all, is a tool to inspire us all to think in new ways about how we can make our world a better place.
We are constantly receiving letters from people who have gained new insights from the World Peace Flame and as a conclusion to the amazing stories you have read in this book, we would like to leave you with some of their words.
We hope this treasury of inspiration help each one of us recall that there are no limits to the contribution we can make to the world our children will inherit.

Quotes from within the Flame that Transforms

The World Peace Flame is a beacon of hope that draws to it all those who hold the vision of a peaceful and loving world. The flame does not conquer the darkness, it simply shines its light and the shadows dissolve. And so, when we embrace the essence of the flame, the darkness in our lives is transformed, with the absence of force, into light.
K.S., Author, Canada

The best definition of peace I know is that peace is not the absence of war but the presence of humanity.
R. A., Author and Speaker, Canada

This is what Martin Luther King was all about. In a world torn apart in so many directions, let there be peace in all of us, let your Flame be eternal, let it reach us and may it forever shine.
M.S., Civil Rights Leader, USA

When I think of my experience with the World Peace Flame I am filled with the Light of Love and Peace. Now every flame I see is a reminder of the power of peace within each of us.
The World Peace Flame connects humanity by Light and offers a real sense of the possibility of Peace for all.
M.S., Minister, USA

The World Peace Flame allows me to take a troublesome look into the past and to see a bright light for the future.
A. M., Human Rights Commissioner, California

The World Peace Flame is both a noun and a verb; as a noun it symbolizes the human spirit’s desire for global cooperation; as a verb it is part of the transformational process of consciousness that is making this desire a reality.
M.T., Attorney, Business Strategist, California

The World Peace Flame is a powerful symbol understood by people worldwide. The Flame has been cherished with care and will set countless hearts ablaze with the deepest love.
G.M., Abbot, The Netherlands

To me peace stands for the ability to come to terms with my own discontentment.
W.B., Conflict Resolution Co-ordinator,
The Netherlands

Never before in the known history of our human race have the flames of peace been brought together from the far corners of this world. The World Peace Flame, and the loving people who carry it forth in these dark times, remind us of our true home, the divine love inside of each of us. May the World Peace Flame shine brightly forever inviting peace back to our beautiful planet.
J.R., Publisher,
networking magazine, Canada

The World Peace Flame represents humanity’s inevitable destiny of universal peace and keeps the light of this truth alive in our hearts as we advance.
S.P. & S.P., Founders, Healing Centre, USA

The power of the light that has been generated by the World Peace Flame has affected our hearts and thousands of others around the world beyond our imagination. May this light shine away any darkness in the world.
G.J. & D.C., Authors and Initiators of International Psychotherapeutic Network

As I get farther down the road of peace I realize that God has provided me with a sense of humour. If a coincidence is God winking, and there is a constant flow of blessings from him, I just happen to have an umbrella up!
God is saying ‘not so fast’, do it ‘half as fast’… And then I achieve my goals. Thank you for carrying this Light of Peace.
J.R., Radio Personality and TV Broadcaster, USA

The installation of a permanent Peace Flame at the International Court of Justice in The Hague is a major milestone in the history of a movement that is gaining considerable momentum throughout the world. At a time of significant global instability and when defence and security matters continue to dominate many countries’ agendas to their detriment, we all need to re-focus on the critical importance of lasting peace both at the nation-state level and in the homes and lives of everyone throughout the world. I hope that all people who come in contact with the World Peace Flame… will be touched to reflect upon its significance for peace and healing so that their lives can be energised for the betterment of mankind.
P.A., Colonel, (Ret.), Australia

A single candle has expanded from a flicker of luminous light into a torch of hope. The glow from the World Peace Flame has entered into warring, distressed nations and healed troubled hearts… including mine. The World Peace Flame ignited my thinking that peace is possible.
P.B., General Manager
millionaire training programme, USA

The World Peace Flame is a beautiful symbol of the demonstration of the power of one tiny flame. That tiny light can allow a lost soul to find his way out of the darkest of places. The power of the Peace Flame comes from the love of those who carry it. You are that power... You are that light.
J.W. & K.B., Realtors, California

The World Peace Flame is symbolic of the dream of our universal social selves. Governments cannot give us peace. We earn peace when we allow it to manifest itself as a radiant glow in our hearts and evolve itself into the beloved global community. The World Peace Flame is a sacred reminder that only non-violence has the power to affirm, ennoble, heal and unite.
L.C., Faculty Dean and Minister, USA

We know that, even in these troubled times, the peace we are all seeking already exists within each of us. The light of the World Peace Flame serves as a constant reminder of that fact and can do the same for all people everywhere.
B.W., CEO, publishing house, USA

My family has personally experienced the gift of the World Peace Flame in our home.
From the first moment it graced us with its presence, I instinctively knew it wasn’t ‘just’ a flame. I could feel its desire to connect with us. I could feel it had a consciousness. It was personal, tangible, unconditionally loving. It felt like a long-lost relative checking in on us, making sure that everything was okay.
Actually, everything wasn’t okay. At the time, my husband and I were dealing with a severe situation that had traumatised the entire family. The repercussions could have been devastating. The Flame ‘knew’ we were in trouble and found us in our hour of need.
The appropriate remedy for the friction we had created was the restoration of peace, harmony and balance, all of which I am convinced the Flame carried into our home. We all felt the power of its presence as it sat serenely in our living room. I felt its strength of purpose, its caring, its determination to get through to us, its love and its desire to unify its children. In simplicity and silence, we were all touched and transformed by the Flame. The Flame needn’t boast dogma or fanfare; it is the essence of grace.
The court case that loomed over us ‘went away’. The legal system suddenly became infused with compassion and understanding and the case was dismissed. The whole situation simply disappeared—as simply as the Flame itself had appeared in our lives.
Instead of living in darkness and chaos, we have been blessed with the opportunity to reconnect with that river of love and intelligence that weaves its way through life. We recognise this blessing from the Flame and are eternally grateful to it and its keepers.
C.O., Actress, California

The innocence and dignity of one small flame gently reminds me how fragile and delicate is this peace inside each one of our hearts! The World Peace Flame represents that eternal silent voice within that whispers lovingly like a mother to her child, ‘I am here, I am here.’
J.A., Director,
national network of mastery courses, USA

My husband, who suffers from depression, has found he gains solace from being in the presence of the World Peace Flame. He finds that when you’re by yourself and have the World Peace Flame burning, it feels like it’s a friend who watches over you and keeps you company.
T. N., Secretary, Australia

I make sure the Flame is alight every evening before I go to bed and it spreads such peace, love and harmony—a tangible feeling, as I turn the other lights off in the house knowing that it is spreading light up to and around, not just our own family but out to all the world. The warm glow it generates in me has to be real!!
W.S., Homoeopath, UK

My own personal experience is that the World Peace Flame has helped us as a family to ensure that meal times are relaxed and pleasant as we do not argue ‘in front of the World Peace Flame’. It has pride of place on the kitchen table where we eat.
M.F., Community Leader, UK

Being together with the torchbearers of the Life Foundation is encouraging. I have never seen any difference between the way they carry out their work and the way they talk about it. They really implement what they say. For them world peace is a matter of heart.
P.E., Film Director, The Netherlands

The World Peace Flame mirrors the Light that is in each of our hearts where the truth of peace resides. It reminds us of who we are.
M.F,.CEO, art for peace company

Peace is a harmonious condition whereby purposeful, dynamic systems interact such that in the pursuit of each system’s own development and process of self realization, none interferes with the ability of another system to pursue its own individual path, while, at the same time, optimizing, through their interactions, the underlying evolutionary conditions of the community of systems as a whole.
The inspiring work of the World Peace Flame epitomizes this condition.
M.B.E., President,
international environmental consultancy, New York

If only we could experience other people’s lives and cultures first hand, we would understand how futile war is. For me, the beauty of the World Peace Flame is that it seeks to unite the diverse people of the world. Its light represents what could be possible if we open our hearts and perspective to be aware of the value of every human life and to see that love comes first.
L.R., Singer/Songwriter,
TV host and actress, USA

From the earliest times, humankind has gathered around a flame—for light, for warmth, for food, for community. We have shared our stories, our lives and our challenges around the circle of a fire. To me, the World Peace Flame symbolizes the best of humankind. It signifies the possibility and the potential for sitting together in a circle of peace, telling our stories, sharing our hearts and bringing light to the differences between us. Because, at the heart of it all, we are one family, one community, one people, and peace is the answer to every human challenge facing us today. May we all see the light of peace in our lifetime!
P.P., Senior Minister,
Church of Religious Science, California

Peace is a spiritual principle. You must apply the principle in every circumstance, relationship, task and transaction in order to achieve the result.
J.T., Author and Minister, USA

I was and continue to be deeply moved by the World Peace Flame and what it represents. I am so happy that this pro-peace emblem is burning around the planet.
H.D., Author, Director,
international training network

Through the light of the World Peace Flame I have seen the universal impact of vision and profound change. This light brings blessings and beauty to the core of each being where it has made a connection. Allow the Flame to touch your highest self and you allow your life to be forever transformed.
S.M., CEO, Therapist, USA

Face to face with the World Peace Flame, humanity will naturally reach out to serve the whole of creation. The Flame will naturally draw out of us the strength of love and compassion, and its nurturing force will heal the earth. The Flame is like an inner smile, a healing force for every human being. Offer your pain or suffering to the World Peace Flame and her love will pour out to you.
T.d.R, Media Liaison,
Psychotherapist, The Netherlands

The World Peace Flame is a powerful manifestation of humanity’s inner urge to share the Divine Light and Divine Peace within them. May it burn brightly and spread rapidly to every person on Earth!
S.C., Director,
national healing association, USA

When I see the World Peace Flame I cannot discern the race, colour or culture that contributed to its beautiful, brilliant illumination. It is a simple, humbling reminder of life itself, of all things being contained in the light. We are the sparks that became the flame; we already are the peace we seek.
E.T., Co-director, Peace Ministry, USA

If only the world leaders would recognise the World Peace Flame and what it stands for. Human beings make the world what it is... let the Peace Flame burn brightly so all will come together to change the world for the better.
E.A., TV Broadcaster, California

We see the Flame as a tangible expression of an Intangible Manifestation.
P.&J.L., Former BBC producer &
Special Education Teacher, UK

May the power that is liberated by singing from our soul, contribute towards true world peace.
P.v.S, Conductor, The Netherlands

The World Peace Flame is the light which lights the light within.
L.M., Company Executive, Scotland

Lighting the World Peace Flame is a miracle. It makes us close to each other.
M.v.A,.Court Clerk, The Netherlands
May this monument reflect the flame that is burning inside each one of us. When you enter that inner space you will find peace and the feeling that every being in the universe is interconnected. Knowing inner peace, you can co-create peace in the world outside.
H.v.d.S, Designer,
World Peace Flame Monument, The Hague

It’s so exciting to be around the World Peace Flame. It guides me to live the life of my dreams. It reminds me of the beauty of the moment.
I.V., Founder,
network for financial professionals, The Netherlands

The World Peace Flame brings us to a point of inner peace, and connection with other peacemakers throughout the world.
T.L., Accountant, Glasgow

Live your Light; Shine your Light; be the Light and know it inspires and ignites the same in others.
What we believe we can achieve. Celebrate the path of this very special flame.
V.S., Founder,
partners of parliamentarians network, Australia

We all know that the sight of a campfire has the power to warm and cheer us, even before we enter its radiance. In the same way, the World Peace Flame not only warms and cheers, but gently enters our hearts, enabling us to carry its love and peace to share with others.
Australian Life Team

Light changes your life for ever. The challenges in life will still be there but you can change and act upon them with strength, courage, love and creativity. People will feel that in your presence they will want what you have; they will long for your peace and happiness.
H.d.W., Dru Yoga Teacher, The Netherlands

The most precious legacy we can leave for our children and their children is the pursuit of peace. It begins with an acknowledgement of the intrinsic worth of every human being and our increasing interdependence on one another.
R.S., Director,
citizenship education network, USA

Never choose to walk from light into the darkness. Always go from darkness to light until, standing in the light, you discover that there is really no difference between the two.
Q.W., Social Worker and
Life Foundation Volunteer Co-ordinator, The Netherlands


Quotes on Light from Life Foundation Team Members

Light, like a small flame, exists within each of us. It is that which ennobles us and can be passed from person to person, filling the whole world.
Chris Barrington
Co-founder, Life Foundation

The World Peace Flame is a personal reminder to each one of us that ‘you do make a difference.’
Kate Couldwell
Director, Life Foundation Midlands, UK

May all people of the world continue to strive for the highest good and realise the true purpose of their lives.
Rita Goswami
CEO, Life Foundation Australia

May the power of this light touch all those hearts in the world needing shelter, love, and friendship. May it awaken people to the presence of God in every being.
Anita Goswami
International Dru Yoga Co-ordinator, Life Foundation

The World Peace Flame acts as a reminder to each one of us to keep the inner flame of peace alight in each moment. The more we give to others and serve humanity, the brighter our light becomes.
Julie Hotchkiss
International Outreach Co-ordinator, Life Foundation
This Flame is a living witness to and a catalyst for the prayers of people all over the world. In its presence morality, conscience and liberty are awakened.
John Jones
Co-founder, Life Foundation

The World Peace Flame marks a point in history where science meets spirituality. Modern technology has advanced almost to the point where we are unable to use it wisely. Now, if there should be any further advancement, perhaps we should first develop our understanding of the power of the heart. Just as a flame does not judge who it shines on but rather casts its light equally in all directions, may this World Peace Flame act as a silent witness to compassion and kindness.
Savitri MacCuish
Executive Director, World Peace Flame Foundation

May this Flame symbolising the unity of all beings bring hope and great strength to the people of this world, now and always.
Krishna Patel, (age 14)

When the World was created there were no natural boundary lines drawn across the land. It was all one land, one people, each born with the same right to live, work and prosper both materially and spiritually. There is no greater vision than unity, for we are all connected by the spirit of light. This is the first World Peace Flame Monument to be established, and I believe that in our lifetime we will witness the establishment of such symbols in every major city in the world.
Mansukh Patel
Co-founder, Life Foundation

Peace is personal. It is about you and me, and how we embrace the qualities that make each of us unique, while also a part of the whole. May the World Peace Flame awaken each one of us to the potential of who we are and how we can create real peace in our world.
Chandra Rahman
Executive Officer, Life Foundation Australia

I believe that within each human being there burns a flame that shines as brightly as the World Peace Flame, and that flame has the potential in every moment to guide our thoughts, our words and our actions to bring peace to our world.
Louise Rowan
Executive Director, Life Foundation Canada

It takes one tree to make a million matches. It takes one match to set aflame a million trees. It takes one flame to set a million hearts ablaze with the light of peace: the World Peace Flame.
Shona Sutherland
Course Director, Life Foundation UK

We are entering an unparalleled era in history. Never before has there been a global dialogue about the legitimacy or illegitimacy of war, and whether or not we have searched for all possible peaceful solutions. The World Peace Flame helps us recall that peace is always possible when we make the effort to stand firmly, creatively and with respect for all.
Andrew Wells
Director, International Projects, Life Foundation

Quotes on the World Peace Flame by Savitri MacCuish, Director, World Peace Flame Foundation

Throughout the ages great men and women have perceived within their hearts a source of light – a light that allowed them to look at the world around them and to see its underlying unity. When we have such a vision our actions gain certainty, our words have the power to heal and our very presence can bring our dreams of peace alive.
- Savitri MacCuish, President, World Peace Flame Foundation

Our sincere thanks to all the wonderful friends who have contributed to bringing this dream alive. May your life be enriched through knowing The World Peace Flame. And finally, our thanks to you, the reader, for everything you have ever done to make our beautiful world a happier place to live in.
- Savitri MacCuish, at the inauguration of the World Peace Flame Monument, The Hague

When Mahatma Gandhi was scorned by historians in London that nowhere in the history books did it say that Ahimsa (non-violence) had ever succeeded he replied "Dont worry Gentlemen, I am making history." This eternal World Peace Flame is making history. When we each can embrace the possibility that peace already exists, and when all our actions are based upon compassion, then this peace will become a living reality.
- Savitri MacCuish, Director, Life Foundation International

“The establishment of the World Peace Flame in Memphis marks a point in history where science meets spirituality in a changing world.
- Savitri MacCuish, at the establishment of the Memphis World Peace Flame Monument.

We have advanced in the many fields of modern technology almost to the point where we are unable to use them wisely. Now, if there should be any further advancement, perhaps we should develop our understanding of the power of the heart. The moral issues we currently face, or war, violence, poverty, biological warfare, environmental destruction etc. can only be solved when we bring the power of the heart into play-and form it, the force of compassion. Just as a flame does not judge who it shines on but rather casts its light equally in all directions, may this World Peace Flame act as a silent witness to all acts of compassion and kindness.
- Savitri MacCuish, Director, Life Foundation International

Quotes on light from peacemakers, visionaries and authors

As we cannot live without air, so we cannot do without light.
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

I look to the diffusion of light and education as the resource most to be relied on for ameliorating the condition, promoting the virtue and advancing the happiness of man.
Thomas Jefferson

I warmly commend the installation of the World Peace Flame at the Peace Palace in The Hague during this time when peace is so crucial to the future of humanity.
President, European Parliament

This is a living symbol of peace. It is a really worthwhile thing you are doing and I invite you now to bring the World Peace Flame to the UN in Geneva.
Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The World Peace Flame is an important symbol of the Parliament’s goals of peace, equality and open dialogue.
World Parliament of Religions

The fact that someone can make something like this happen in the first place is a miracle—regardless of what comes next! I have seen the miracles which happen around the World Peace Flame and the Life Foundation and I can only highly recommend them to you.
Former Member of the European Parliament

In his speech earlier this year his Holiness declared his wish that ‘…this Jubilee year would be a year of reconciliation and unity…’ The Pontificate at The Vatican accepted the World Peace Flame in this capacity when in June 2000 the World Peace Flame was presented to Pope John Paul II as a symbol of the unity we are all striving for.
His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Those who were at the ceremony of the World Peace Flame witnessed a moment of great symbolism. The World Peace Flame unites ancient and modern cultures by expressing the fundamental aspiration of both—the hope of peace! This Flame will burn brightly, fuelled by the will of twenty million Australians.
Former Federal Minister, Australia

I warmly welcome the World Peace Flame initiative. The challenges facing humanity demand that we all raise our voices in the cause of peace and dedicate ourselves to seeking constitutional answers to the world’s problems and to avoid resorting to the force of arms… I congratulate everyone involved in this initiative and wish it every success.
Party Leader, The National Assembly for Wales

There is no more critical time in our modern history—with violence spinning out of control in the Middle East, Africa, parts of Europe and other hot spots—for us to rededicate ourselves to the cause of peace. Let this Flame inspire within us indignation towards violence as a tool of diplomacy in the world order and let us have the courage to speak out forcefully and with tenacity against those who perpetuate violence in the name of national interest.
Judge, Memphis, USA

This groundswell of support for the profound significance of the World Peace Flame will conflagrate hearts, fire souls and fuel feet to join the march of humanity’s movement towards world peace. Indeed, it is a forerunner of its fulfillment.
Author, Founder, International Spiritual Centre, Los Angeles

This is a great honour—I shall always remember this day.
former President of Germany,
on receiving the World Peace Flame

I have known light in its purity and I consider it my duty to strive after it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


For more information on the World Peace Flame and the power of light, consider:

The Flame that Transforms, by Savitri MacCuish, Mansukh Patel, Andrew Wells
The Secret Power of Light, by Mansukh Patel



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